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The Hidden Valley Ski Patrol is dedicated to making the experience at Hidden Valley Ski area a pleasant and safe one. Regardless of how you decide to enjoy the slopes, always show courtesy to others and be aware that there are elements of risk in skiing that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Skiers and Snowboarders of all ages, sizes and skill levels must share the same slopes and co-exist. One of the primary causes of injury to beginner skiers and snowboarders is out of control skiing. The skier/snowboarder Responsibility Code noted below describes the responsibilities of all of the skiers and boarders out on the slopes. Failure to abide by this code is grounds for the revocation of the ski pass for the individual.
Skier/Snowboard Responsibility Code
  • Always stay in control, and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects.
  • When skiing downhill or overtaking another skier, avoid the skier below you.
  • Do not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible from above.
  • When entering a trail or starting downhill, yield to other skiers.
  • Always use devices to help prevent runaway skis.
  • Keep off closed trails and posted areas, and observe all posted signs.
  • Prior to using any lift, you must have the knowlege and ability to load, ride and unload safely.
Snowboard Safety Tips
  • The front foot should be attached by a security leash.
  • Before changing direction, especially on a backside turn look behind and check your blind spot.
  • Stop only at the side of the pistes and kneel or stand facing up-hill in order to see oncoming traffic rather than sitting down in the middle of the pistes.
  • When not attached, your board should be face-down on the piste with the bindings in the snow.
  • The rear foot should be detached from the bindings when riding or boarding the chair.
Skiing/Snowboarding Tips
  • Get in shape. Don't try to ski yourself into shape. You'll enjoy skiing more if you're physically fit.
  • Obtain proper equipment. Be sure to have your ski or snowboard bindings adjusted correctly at a local ski shop. You can rent ski or snowboarding equipment at the Hidden Valley Rental Area. Snowboards without professional bindings, Safety devices and edges will not be allowed on the Hidden Valley slopes.
  • Take a lesson. Like anything, you'll improve the most when your receive some guidance. The best way to become a good skier or snowboarder is to take a lesson from a qualified instructor.
  • Drink plenty of water. Be careful not to become dehydrated.
  • Curb alcohol consumption. Skiing and snowboarding do not mix well with alcohol or drugs.
  • Dress in layers. Layering allows you to accommodate your body's constantly changing temperature. For example, dress in polypropylene underwear (top and bottoms) which feels good next to the skin, dries quickly, absorbs sweat and keeps you warm. Wear a turtleneck, sweater and jacket.
  • Be prepared. Mother Nature has a mind of her own. Bring a headband or hat with you to the slopes, 60 percent of heat-loss is through the head. Wear gloves or mittens (mittens are usually better for those susceptible to cold hands).
  • Wear sun protection. The sun reflects off the snow and is stronger than you think, even on cloudy days!
  • Always wear eye protection. Have sunglasses and goggles with you. Skiing and snowboarding are a lot more fun when you can see.
  • When buying skiwear, look for fabric that is water and wind-resistant. Look for wind flaps to shield zippers, snug cuffs at wrists and ankles, collars that can be snuggled up to the chin and drawstrings that can be adjusted for comfort and keep wind out. Be sure to buy quality clothing products.
  • Know your limits. Learn to ski and snowboard smoothly--and in control. Stop before you become fatigued and, most of all have fun!
Additional Items
  • For the enjoyment and satisfaction of all of the patrons of Hidden Valley, profanity is strictly prohibited and can be grounds for removal of the Ski pass and removal from the Hidden Valley Resort area.
  • Parents and friends of skiers (without ski equipment) are not allowed out on the skiable terrain at Hidden Valley. This includes the lower and upper lift areas and rope tow areas. Please make arrangements for meeting friends and family before departing for the slopes. It can be very difficult to locate a particular skier on the ski slopes. Ski patrollers cannot perform this service except in an extreme emergency, and even then their ability to find someone on the slopes is limited!


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